Tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving, is American capitalism’s high religious holiday. Legions of rabid, deluded human/lemming hybrids will gather in an orgy of consumer filth, trampling over one another to save 50 bucks on some stupid video game system, or whatever other essential piece of plastic they have been convinced is central to their ability to go on living.

This Is Not Normal
This Is Not Normal

This madness is a manifestation of the psychic war that hypercapitalism necessarily must wage on all who exist within its grasp. Hypercapitalism is like capitalism on steroids, rage and all. It is a system whereby you are defined as a human strictly by what you consume and/or produce. There is no human aspect to it, aside from the accidental fact that the brand of hypercapitalism that we now endure has us, humans, as its primary subjects. The psychic war is one in which ‘sanity’ or perhaps ‘normalcy’ – I’m not exactly clear on which, if either of those terms I prefer – is defined as one’s willingness, even eagerness, to pattern their life within the strict regimes of control delineated by the archetypal boundaries established in the course of the development of the given hypercapitalist system.

This is obviously troubling, as the human mind is much more suited for nomadism, creativity and personal development than it is to be confined by the chains of a ‘role’ established for them by the hypercapitalist regimes of control.

A way out for those of us who know there is a way out, is to really consider the reality of the mechanisms of our society that we take for granted: get a job, make money, buy things, sleep, start again… Realize that this is not any part of your essential being, and is in fact a great impediment to full self-realization, which leads to existential greatness.

Fuck Black Friday.

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