In light of the recent miscarriage of justice carried out in Missouri, I thought it was appropriate that my book of the week this week be one that sheds a specific light on my country’s history of racial oppression, and ties it into the overall backbone of the system of inequality that runs this country: class oppression.

In A People’s History Of The United States, Howard Zinn shows, time and time again, that the oligarchs that own the USA have used race as a convenient means of turning neighbor against neighbor, for the purpose of weakening any possible opposition to the deeply engrained oligarchic power structure that since the beginning of this country has controlled the USA.

This book is required reading for anyone who desires to cut through the bullshit propaganda they were taught in school and is still fed to them by the puppets in the media.

The United States has a long and storied history of civil unrest. In fact, civil unrest is the only thing that’s led to any progress throughout our country’s history. Our history is not one of benevolent leaders who ‘did the right thing’ but of restless people who were sick and tired of being oppressed and decided to FUCK SHIT UP!

A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn
A People’s History Of The United States by Howard Zinn

Book of the Week – 26 November 2014 – A People’s History Of The United States by Howard Zinn

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