Compassion Edibles have a pretty solid line of products, but their tainted truffles are really something special. The product of theirs I keep going back to time and time again is the Bacon Chocolate Truffles. I picked up a box this afternoon at SPARC.

Bacon Chocolate Truffles
Bacon Chocolate Truffles

These tasty little things pack quite a punch. Each truffle contains 50mg of THC and they come 2 per box at 10 bucks a box, which is a fairly competitive price for an edible of that strength at dispensaries in San Francisco. Because I’ve always received consistent relief when using this medicine, I’m happy to pay a little more for the assurance that I’m truly getting the amount of product that is being advertised on the packaging. I’ve had some experiences that have led me to believe that’s not always the case.

The truffles are rich and moist with a bittersweet dark chocolate flavor accentuated by the saltiness of the bacon and only a mild cannabis taste. You can tell they put a lot of care in to the cannabis butter preparation, as it doesn’t have that overwhelming taste common to too many baked edibles. I actually savor the flavor of these truffles instead of just eating them as quickly as possible to get the medicine inside me.

Bacon Chocolate Truffles
Bacon Chocolate Truffles

Compared to most edibles, these tend to come on rather fast for me. I tend to start feeling the effects within 15 minutes of taking my last bite. I think it may be the high fat content, but that’s just barely educated guesswork. It might be of note that I always eat them while drinking a cup of coffee. That could speed up the onset of the effects, but I really don’t know.

Bacon Chocolate Truffles

These things are pretty much right near the top of the edibles game as far as I’m concerned. I definitely look forward to checking out more of what Compassion Edibles has to offer in the near future.

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Edibles Review – Bacon Chocolate Truffles by Compassion Edibles

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