Sun Kil Moon


Sun Kil Moon
Sun Kil Moon

Full-time provocateur and part-time musician, Mark Kozelek, currently embroiled in a bitter feud with the War on Drugs, brought a full band Sun Kil Moon to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Sunday for an afternoon set at the 2014 edition of the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Everything seemed fine for the first few songs, with Kozelek even appearing to be having some kind of weird approximation of a decent time, when the noted curmudgeon found a new target for his seemingly endless barrage of insults and hatred.

“It’s fucking hot,” Kozelek snarled, his face defiantly staring into the sun, the true source of his rage. “It’s Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco,” Kozelek screamed, foaming at the mouth, the veins in his neck looking as though they were about to burst and rain blood down upon the unexpecting crowd.

Moments later, Kozelek took a somewhat reconciliatory tone, remarking “it’s a beautiful day,” though this humble writer was not fooled by his facade of calm. Kozelek followed the rant with a rousing rendition of his top 40 hit, “Micheline” and a generally subdued set, assumedly due to his manager having the valium darts ready at the side of the stage in the event of a meltdown of rage and hatred.

The heat could not be reached for comment.

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