Wars are fought over the scarcity of resources. The most scarce, valuable, most sought after resource in Capitalism is economic influence, economic power. The shift in previously communistic regimes, along with the imposition of emerging third world markets on to the global scene is making that king of all resources even more scarce than it already is, and that means more wars. Capitalism’s necessary conclusion is World War 3: a war that will never end; unless, of course, a great shift happens in the way human beings conduct affairs on the world stage, or we kill each other off entirely, or at least mostly.

The organic growth of Capitalism is characterized by the way it subsumes all before it. Anything that exists in its path, that purports to be a detriment, an antithesis, or at least an impediment to the progress of Capitalism’s omnipotent hold on the species, will eventually be chewed up and swallowed by Capitalism’s inescapable jaws. When these alternate players become actors on the Capitalist stage, as we’re seeing with China, Russia, Cuba, and various third world Communist or previously fairly powerless, but emerging, outliers, all Hell will necessarily break loose because they are now competing for the already scarce resource that is economic influence and power.

That Hell, that perpetual war, will eventually lead to the demise of our species.

The solution? We need a new model of human growth and evolution; away from the idea that we are necessarily and inexorably held to the notion that we must compete with one another to survive, and toward a model that instead focuses on cooperation, exchange of ideas, and a shared vision for the betterment of humanity, our world, and ultimately, our place in this Universe.

Without this goal, we are lost; a failed species; a species that can not and will not move forward.


Capitalism Will Bring Us Perpetual War Until It Destroys Us

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