About two months month ago, fed up with AT&T for a laundry list of reasons I don’t feel like focusing on here, and already having been consistently at least a month behind on my bill for the past half year, I decided to just stop paying them and find another ISP. About a month or so ago (can’t recall the precise date) they shut me off.

Today, after a complication, I finally have internet again. The first thing I did was connect all my stuff to the wifi.

Here I sit about 10 hours later; already bored.

Maybe it’s just me, but there just seems to be something extremely empty about turning on your streaming media device, looking through Netflix or Prime or whatever, trying to think of something you kind of want to watch, but not really. You might wind up settling on something, watch it halfheartedly, or use it as background noise for whatever else your fucked up mind is paying attention to at any given moment, as the drifting swirl of consciousness elongates and pulses and rips its course through the murky residue of your perceptions.


A Month Without Internet Has Taught Me A Few Valuable Non-Lessons

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