Not specifically related to this post, but I thought this was just fucking ridiculous.
only tangentially related to this post, but I thought this was just fucking ridiculous.


To me, there is no better culinary metaphor for chaos than taking a food processor and just throwing in whatever the hell you can think of throwing in. This is why I love smoothies. You can let your imagination run wild, and sometimes a discovery is made that becomes an all-time fave.

So last night I sautéed up some eggplant and sliced up a fresh California tomato, and soon realized I didn’t really have an appropriate dressing or sauce for the dish. It occurred to me that a vinaigrette would go quite nicely, and I got to work.

I was given this when Joe invited me to a party at his vineyard outside Calistoga.
Joe gave this to me at a party at his vineyard outside Calistoga.

The thing with a good vinaigrette is that, just like with a smoothie, you can get pretty creative with the ingredients you already have on hand. For this one, I threw a ton of fresh cilantro in my Oster Smoothie Blender (which I seriously recommend getting, by the way), added some raw organic apple cider vinegar (see photo at the top of page), some olive oil, a pinch or three of salt and black pepper, a little bit of coconut sugar, and, because I knew it had to be a fruity vinaigrette to get the flavor combination I was looking for, one granny smith apple, and I mixed the fuck out of that shit.

The results: A+++. It was a great dressing for both the eggplant and the tomatoes, but especially the tomatoes. They were really good tomatoes.

not much, really, to say here, except this was good shit
not much, really, to say here, except this was good shit

The real magic, however, came the next evening when I used it as a marinade for some chicken breast, which I sautéed in that oil my buddy Joe gave me at his party (at least I assume he gave it to me. I woke up the next day and I had it in my bag, but everybody got pretty loaded that evening, so the details are a bit fuzzy).

the simple pleasures of life
the simple pleasures of life

Paired with some peach salsa and a bag of Peruvian chimichurri rice (take a wild guess where I picked that up), this was truly a great meal, made even better by the fact that I didn’t finish eating until 11:15 PM.

I just noticed while proofreading that I used not a single semicolon in this entire post; I really like using semicolons.


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