This is just some stuff that’s on my mind.

The demented serfdom, in all its elasticity, does not creep gently through the fog of a decaying, half-finished bridge to no particular place, only to die alone and forgotten like so many other trampled homes.

The loon speaks as the swallow shits.

All roads lead to other roads, except if you’re near a place where there aren’t any roads.

Filamenting imprints of sound reverberating from the modus of reminder of what control wants, will get.

The standard collapse, not modeled on the aforementioned balloons of lunacy, but on their brethren at the big meeting; their ugly faces sitting round in circles vomiting out disgust like the petulant creatures they are, ummm… what was I saying?

All I’m trying to say is that this big, stupid thing we are just existing in is a fucking fraud. If you don’t want to bite into some bullshit, then don’t. We are conditioned to be slaves to narratives of control that have been implanted within us to the point where we think they are part of our inherent natures. This is vile and twisted.

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Just Some Stuff That’s On My Mind

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