This is only the second time I’ve posted anything on this site this month, but I’m not concerned. It’s true that I was going through a bit of a creative lull. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything in that area of my life. However, I now realize that a lot of good ideas were stirring in my head, and that due to other aspects of my life that required extra focus, I just had to let the creative work kind of take a back seat for a bit.

To regain some lost momentum, I am going to be releasing my album, The Present Tension, on April 1st. There’s no specific reason I chose April Fool’s Day. It’s a fun day, so why not.

I have also finally figured out how to end a story I’ve written called “Have You Ever Met a Ghost.” It is a work of semi-autobiographical experimental fiction. Parts of it make a different kind of sense than other parts. It is finished, but I still need a little while to finely tune. It will be out before the end of April.

I’ve long had anxiety about lulls in creativity. I’ve often felt like these time periods were filled with so much waste. Lately I’ve learned to radically chill the fuck out in that regard, and I feel it’s helped me grow as an artist. I feel like I have a much more extended focus on the kind of things I want to create than I once did, and I sincerely hope it shows in everything I release to the world in 2015 and beyond.


Only My Second Post This Month – My New Album Drops April 1st

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