Like the rest of the world, Iceland suffered severe consequences in 2008 when the criminal behavior of its parasite bankers reached a tipping point. The small country knew something needed to be done. The problem is no one really knew what to do.

That’s where true hero Olafur Thor Hauksson comes into the story.

Olafur Thor Hauksson is the Sheriff of a small town of 6500 residents in Iceland called Akranes. Thor was the only guy brave and willing enough to step up for what was the seemingly insurmountable task of going after the bankers and he was named special prosecutor over the case.

The problem was that despite his enthusiasm for the job, Thor did not know the first thing about prosecuting financial crimes, as his most complicated case prior to this was a murder investigation several years back in Arkanes.

The hill certainly seemed too steep to climb

Being a smart and resourceful guy, Thor reached out for help. He even reached into the belly of the beast itself, the United States, and found expert advice that would allow him to accomplish the impossible; the jailing of over 70 pieces of bad banker trash.

One man stood up and did what was right to improve his country, and you think an entire movement of us can not accomplish this great task here in the United States of America?

Leave your low self-esteem and your eternal pessimism at the door. There is no room for it here.


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Olafur Thor Hauksson

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