Very few prominent elected Democrats have gone on the record endorsing Bernie Sanders for President of the United States, even though in many areas where these people have been elected to represent their constituents, Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in the polls. What we need to do now is flood their offices with emails, letters, phone calls, fuck, even carrier pigeons if we must, with the demand that they officially endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

Overwhelm them. Make it impossible for them to go about their daily routines. Make it so that their jobs become very difficult due to their refusal to look to the future for real solutions. Bring them to a standstill.  Make sure they know their jobs are very much on the line. Make it extremely clear that the only acceptable course of action on their part is an official public endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

The time is now. We can do this thing. We are the future.

Click these links to find and contact your elected employees:

U.S. House Of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Barack Obama – The White House



Call To Action: Flood Your Elected Democrats Demanding Their Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders For President

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