hard work

The virtue in hard work is the accomplishment.

There is virtue to be found in the struggles we face each day, but these are our virtues, not those of the struggle.

Perseverance, courage, strength, humility, compassion, and commitment to truth are all present within the struggle, but are not limited to having had experience of the struggle.

These virtues can exist without the presence of the struggle.

I can not begin to imagine a reason that we as a society would want to condemn all perpetuity to our present struggle, simply out of the false notion, which some cling to with religious conviction, that hard work is a virtue in and of itself.

Nietzsche liked to call this ressentiment, but we can just call it simple resentment.

Resentment toward the future because they may not share in the same struggles that you have experienced is a mentally deranged way to think.

It is a result of the internalization of your oppression.

And it really, really, I mean REALLY makes no fucking sense.

A great society can and must seek to ensure that the basic needs of its citizenry are met. These include, but must not be viewed as limited to: health, housing, food, education, and freedom from harassment by the state.

We can and must disagree about the best way to meet these basic needs, but it is out of the pale of legitimacy to argue that these things not be viewed as fundamental human rights that can and must be met by society for the greater good of society.

We are drawing a line in the sand.

We advise you not to cross.


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