In the wake of its planned separate events in Brussels Tuesday, the Islamic State released an announcement formally endorsing former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

The lengthy written statement, posted to various Islamic State social media accounts had some kind words to say about Clinton’s efforts across the globe:

“… and we’d especially like to thank Hillary Clinton for her past efforts in ensuring a chaotic, war-torn Middle East where our organization has been able to step in and make the necessary changes to ensure a safe, prosperous Middle East for behemoth corporations and violent warlords with dreams of being part of the next dictatorial neoliberal puppet regime raping nations of their resources and peoples of their autonomy. Clinton’s policies of aiding and abetting regime change against the sovereign governments of Libya, Iraq, and Syria, as well as her similarly valiant efforts in places like Honduras, where some of our closest business associates in the drug and weapons trade are headquartered, have served to strengthen the Islamic State to a degree that our efforts alone could not not have reached. Hillary Clinton is one of the Islamic State’s greatest allies and her election is of utmost importance to the future of our organization and our cause.”

I’m sure all those donations to the Clinton foundation buy something good.

For further reading about Clinton’s efforts to strengthen ISIS via neoliberal regime change strategies, I suggest the searchable wikileaks of the Clinton Email archive, which is a body of personal work that Clinton graciously and selflessly gave to the world in an act of transparency unprecedented in American politics. There’s a lot to read, so use this link from truth-out.org “WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath” as a primer.


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Islamic State Endorses Hillary Clinton In Wake Of Brussels Events

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