People put up with a lot of bullshit in this world. From their jobs, people they know, rude people in general, the government, corporations… I think we need to really stop and ask ourselves why we put up with so much bullshit. Why do we feel that we deserve this bullshit and so often just shut our mouths and accept it? Furthermore,  why do so many of of us internalize our appropriate reaction to this bullshit as indicative of some problem within ourselves, when it is not?

If more people would start sticking up for themselves against the world’s assholes, the assholes’ facade of power would disintegrate in an instant.

We have at our disposal the greatest means of information dissemination and human communication the world had ever even dreamt could exist until a few decades ago. It’s time to stand up against the assholes both in our personal lives and as a collective movement of non-assholes who know how to spot and stand up to bullshit when it comes our way, whether it’s some condescending prick at a store, a shitty neighbor, a giant bank manipulating the economy and destroying lives, or some religious piece of trash trying to enforce their morality.

The time is now.


The time is now.


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