all I see is... what?
        the plateau that we fell from
brought us to another one
so did we fall or did we rise?
who invented our disguise?
and what is pleasure?
what is pain?
what is knowledge?
what is gained?

being always stands on the threshold of becoming
becoming leads us to and from
movements in 
movements around
away from and back to... what?

thoughts collide
so we strive
for this, that and everything
impressions left on... what?
we are... what?
Tragedy, comedy: a fool's metonymy
endless distinctions made for the sake of... what?
questions asked for the benefit of... what?
(for the sake of benefitting... what?)
i will stop

  sequestered in the Chaosmos
we tell ourselves that lack is law
                          and what is an idea?
consciousness                        communication
                 bridging the gap

these laws are designated formalities

      and will

like disinterested spiders creeping around the web of perception, unaware of
         the houseflies of appearance
moving these forms into place...
     motion... emotion
devotion to
           god/empty form
and who but we create?
and who but we destroy?

god is just our toy,
                   giving credence to our ideas
     changing shapes
              shaping space
our images
our ideas
our forms

Untitled Poem (circa 2002) from my forthcoming collection

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