Mine is a sick, sad society;
a violent society;
a dying society.
Where wealth and power, inextricably linked,
conspire to terrorize to submission,
all who dare stand opposed,
to the brutal regimes of control;
and most of all, money, spreading its poisonous tentacles,
suffocating freedom, creativity and love;
turning man against man, against himself;
woman against woman, against herself;
and all against each other;
essentializing differences;
minimizing common bonds;
common struggles;
all in the name of

Prisons, both real and implied,
built to fill the pockets of the rich
and their politician puppets on an IV drip,
who stumble like dilapidated dolls moved by the trembling hands
of drunken marionettes
drunk on power
These are the prisons in which we must find strength.

This is not the best of worlds
but it is mine.
The time is now to fight against the sick, depraved, corrosive forces
which seek to destroy all that makes life good.
The forces that allow police to maim and murder with reckless abandon,
and champion bankers instead of the speakers of truth
and creators of beautiful things,
these forces must be stopped now, or they will be our downfall.
Corrupt elected officials who answer to the wealthy oligarchs,
the bureaucrats entrenched/enslaved,
the police, foot soldiers of oligarchy,
and the deluded pawns suffocating on the stupidity wrought by empty propaganda,
who with every ignorant statement of consent,
drive one more nail in the coffin of their betterment;
These are the barriers to a better world,
a society not so sick,
not so sad;
A society worth fighting for.

Rob Cotton 4 December 2014

Sick, Sad Society

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