Pitchfork is pretty much the douchiest music website that has ever existed on this, or any other planet. I won’t even get into explaining why, because pretty much anyone who is aware of Pitchfork either knows exactly why, or they are a douchebag themselves.

So, over the years, when feeling bored, or whatever, I have had a little fun at their expense on their Facebook feed, pointing out how awful they are, how their ‘music coverage’ is pathetic, fake, and basically just a steaming pile of bullshit. While I have had my detractors, I’ve encountered plenty of likeminded people who see pitchfork for the piece of shit that it truly is.

So, while it did take a while, on April 4th, 2015, some time around noon or so, pacific time, the pitchfucks finally took the brave step of banning me from posting on their page.

The offending post?

Well, they posted a list of upcoming releases for spring of 2015, and I posted something to the affect of:

“Pitchfork has already decided upon the ratings for all these albums because we all know the ratings are predetermined based upon things that have nothing to do with the actual music.”

I guess it struck a nerve.

I guess the truth hurts.


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It’s Been a Long Time Coming, But I Have Finally Been Banned By Pitchfork’s Facebook Page

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