If Chad Kroeger had a cousin who everyone in the family considered ‘the weird one,’ he’d be just like Jack White. Jack White makes Billy Corgan seem like a pretty cool guy. Pitchfork reported today that Jack White is releasing an LP of sounds recorded while suffering from a severe case of food poisoning from some seafood he ate after a show in Cleveland. Why would anyone eat seafood in Cleveland?

Jack White can seriously go choke on his own cock as far as I’m concerned. I hope it permanently and severely damages his vocal cords. I also hope his hands start to shrivel up and fall off so he stops playing white boy blues and releasing every awful idea he has while sitting on a toilet on some tour bus somewhere after treating his imbecile fans to some lame concert they think they enjoyed.

Jack White is a Major League douchebag.

what a douche
what a douche

Jack White – Major League Douchebag

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