It is absolutely appalling to see the leader of one of the world’s worst and oldest criminal organizations, the Catholic Church, being revered and respected by not only the followers of his bullshit cult, but also by people who should ostensibly know better. With what we know about the church, its long history of enabling and then helping to protect child rapists, how can we just hear this asshole’s various platitudes about equality or climate change and just excuse the vile truth behind everything that he represents; that truth being that the Catholic Church is an enemy of humanity in every way and must be eradicated if we are to ever progress as a species beyond our current state to something greater: a species that doesn’t rely on superstitious garbage like religion, and instead embraces exploration, discovery, intellectualism, and change?

The Left in the United States is afflicted with the same disease of the intellect as is the Right (though admittedly the Right suffers from it worse). We are often led astray from the true path of progress by slick-talking snake oil salesmen who will tell us what we want to hear for our own benefit. We revel when these deceitful frauds, such as Pope Francis, say things that are pleasing to us. Sadly, all too many of us just stop there, content that we’re being given lip service, and we willfully ignore the truth. In the case of Pope Francis, he heads an organization that has for centuries enabled, at times encouraged, and always covered up for child rapists employed in its ranks. The Pope, with all his platitudinous and idealistic talk about inequality, climate change, and a few odd remarks about ‘inclusion’ is not saying a word about the very real damage his organization has caused and continues to cause throughout the world.

That’s very telling.

Likewise, take the recent canonization of the genocidal maniac, Junipero Serra. Here we have a despicable man who is directly responsible for the torture of people and decimation of cultures, and the criminal Pope Francis is choosing not to apologize for his misdeeds, but instead to glorify him. And we’re supposed to believe this Pope is ‘different.’ No, he’s not. Fuck that shit.

The Catholic Church is a vile and anti-human disseminator of crimes, misdeeds, and misinformation. It needs to be eradicated from this Earth, not lauded because its leader is saying pleasant things.


Pope Francis Is A Vile Criminal Scumbag

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