oooooooohhhhhhh, scary!!!!!
oooooooohhhhhhh, scary!!!!!

all this ebola,
dilapidated constructs,
some new kind of cola
zombies are all the rage these days
If you try and you fail, hey
at least you have that
did you see that guy on tv the other day?
the one with nothing to say?
fear is no way to win an imaginary war
you saw that metallica video, right?
superficial realities are all around us
everything’s around us
listen, i’m not not taking this seriously
but i’m not taking it seriously, either
when you start to pay attention
it’s all an imaginary void of ideas you’re supposed to think are wholly intrinsic to your being
or nature, or essence – that kind of thing
and nothing like that
at all
it’s a big

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