Watching the Second GOP Debate is vaguely exhuasting. I mean, I’m high, and not really tired, but there’s a general lethargy I am feeling while watching it. I guess it comes from the fact that large swaths of the population support at least one of these vile creatures, and about half the voting public will wind up supporting whichever one of these wretched swine winds up beating off the others. Sometimes you just want to sleep for a while.

Trump is Trump. The GOP will find a way to sink him, and then let’s just hope he runs an independent bid to prevent his lemmings from voting for whichever one of the following fucks actually gets the nomination.

Scott Walker is just simply a repugnant slimeball; a truly vile human being.

Jeb Bush lacks the charisma of his brother and the intelligence of his father. What’s left? The name and the money. Could be enough, but I kinda doubt it.

Carly Fiorina looks like a Reptilian and she has nothing to say worth hearing. She’s a saleswoman. Go back to the private sector, Carly. No one takes you seriously.

Marco Rubio is like a Mexican Opie Taylor. I don’t care if he’s Cuban; Mexican Opie Taylor.

Why is Chris Christie still involved?

Ted Cruz. LOL.

Huckabee. Yeah, okay. Why not just nominate Kim Davis?

Rand Paul; because Ron Paul has retired to a nice cottage in Libertarian Fantasyland.

Ben Carson is a dopey Christian, talks slowly, has a lot of half-baked ideas. Sounds like the perfect Repukelican nominee. Plus, they will get to accuse anyone who doesn’t support him of being racist. Still, I just don’t really see it happening.

Kasich – still the last name you remember from tonight’s stage. That’s probably to his advantage. Didn’t answer a single question all night; seems to stem from anxiety of not being well known.

Can I take a nap now?

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.11.38 PM

The Second Repukelican Bitch Fest (aka Debate)

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