Welcome to the new semi-irregular (as in, whenever the hell I feel like it) recipe section of my site/blog/whatever this is.

Today’s dish is something I’m calling “The Chicken Before the Egg.’ It follows my preferred cooking style of throwing whatever the fuck I want together and seeing whatever happens. The results range from ‘eh, I’ll keep eating it’ to ‘holy shit, that was good enough to share the recipe with fellow weirdos,’ and now that I have a website again, why not share some recipes?

I guess I’ll number everything for clarity.

  1. Take a skillet large enough for the amount of chicken you’d like to use, add olive oil (or butter would likely work) and turn it on fairly high.
  2. Wait until that stuff heats up a while. It should be pretty hot. Pour a small amount of cold water in, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, less than a centimer or so. The oil should sizzle for a minute, then cool off.
  3. Put the chicken in.
  4. Start adding spices. I used salt, a very small amount of cayenne (it’s late and my stomach has been all screwy lately), black pepper and this  ‘steakhouse seasoning’ grinder I have but rarely use that basically has different kinds of peppercorns, salt, dried garlic and dried onions.
  5. Add chopped up cilantro.
  6. Keep adjusting the heat up and down. It seemed to tender up the chicken. Let it cook for a bit, but this is a quick dish so always be preparing the next ingredient. I’d say no more than a minute, maybe two, between steps.
  7. Add a small amount of milk. You don’t want to cover the chicken. Coconut milk or almond milk would be either equal or better, but I prefer cow’s milk in my cereal, so that’s all I had at the time.
  8. Let it cook a bit – two minutes or so, on a somewhat lower setting. You don’t want it to ever be boiling rapidly.
  9. In a separate dish mix up an egg with a fork or wire whisk, like you’re going to scramble it.
  10. Once it’s all yellowy and mixed up, pour it into the skillet, mix well, and let it cook. Stir continuously.
  11. It will be done in a few minutes – 10 minutes tops, though I wasn’t timing it.
  12. I’d strongly recommend topping it with some pico de gallo, or melt some cheese (or both!). Other things I though to add were a red onion, green pepper and fresh spinach. I was out of pico or salsa, so I used a bit of ketchup (Trader Joe’s = better than Heinze), and it was pretty delicious.

Some hollandaise sauce would probably be yummy too, or that southern sausage and biscuit gravy, but who has either of those lying around?

Stay tuned for more stuff like this. I make a pretty mean panini too.


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