The fundamentals had been laid down brick by brick by tedious brickbrickbrick until the bricks all collapsed under the weight of their own nonlinear trajectory up the wall, envisioned by the hive mind, that they were to form, but never did; and so now the bricks, some broken, some intact, lay bare upon the ground, and shards of wall stick up and out, and inward; what one would describe as “a big fucking mess.”

This is the canvas upon which our ‘social medias’ have been built – the tapestries of our ego-driven reconstitutions of realities through consumptive intersubjective social bonding mechanisms, laid patchwork before our eyes, reimagined as vehicles for our narcissistic delusions of ultimate post-human connection; demi-goddery, the game of our times. We can all have dreams but only I can be a dream!

Catch my drift?


Content And Its Discontents: Social Media And Mediated Socializing

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