Sometime in the past 35 and a half years I decided to start writing shit down. Most of it has been bad. Prior to the internet, that generally meant bad stuff would get put on a piece of paper, shuffled away in a desk drawer and basically forgotten about, yet still kept, because why throw out something that’s written down? Just save it; I guess is what I was thinking.

The internet arrived, and suddenly here was this way to write things down, and so I did it. I have had dozens of websites. Most of them have been bad, but some were pretty good. They were all mine, or occasionally shared with bandmates. The content was ours.

In recent times, the past decade or so, I’ve often provided my content, free of charge, to various corporate owned message boards and social media sites, and as a result a lot of my best content was basically given in charity to corporations that used it to sell advertising space. To an extent, this website is my personal antidote to the fact that on social media our lives become content. This website is my way of setting myself outside of the totalizing sphere of social media and having an independent outpost with which to convey my ideas and expressions. In that sense, my existence on social media has gone through a paradigm shift, albeit a mild one, as a result of my having this website. It is no longer the sole aggregator of my content, but rather an aggregator of some of the less developed content I produce; a testing ground. My site serves as the locus of my more developed, more substantial material. Social media is hence rendered less of a totalizing influence on my life because I have freed some of my content from its grasp.

Something strange happened to human consciousness when suddenly we had all the information available to us at the tips of our fingers at nearly all times. It has changed the way we can interact with the world. It has changed the way we experience consciousness. It has fundamentally changed the manner in which we experience our own awareness of the world. It has brought us closer and closer toward the chaos that is all there is, all there was, and all there ever will be.

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Can’t Think Of A Blog Post Blues

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