I don’t need to say that Bill Cosby is a scumbag and a deplorable piece of festering, maggot-infested shit. I did that for my own amusement. Feel free to nod in agreement while being likewise amused. Then we can all crack some beers, sit back and reflect on the fact that, despite whatever shortcomings we all have, few of us rise to the level of pure fucking awfulness than this degenerate fuck has managed to accomplish, seemingly with great ease.

Bill Cosby is one of the worst serial rapists in history. His decades long campaign of drugging women and using their limp bodies for the cause of gratifying his twistedly ungratifiable sexualized power trip veers directly into Ted Bundy territory, folks. And people like Bundy are the only peers that people like Cosby should be considered to have.

He is not a comedian. He is not an actor. He is a sociopath. He is a rapist.

Bill Cosby made a career out of shaming and demeaning other members of his community who he deemed were not living up to his high moral, ethical, and intellectual standards. He gave speeches denouncing people for how they dressed and spoke, and for all kinds of other bullshit reasons, made public comments criticizing the lifestyle of people who he had worked with, typically because they wouldn’t follow all his despotic orders, and kept a public facade of living a clean, wholesome life which was beyond reproach. He was a model citizen, a model black man, and a model human being. We now know this was all just part of his sociopathy. It was another expression of his lust for power over people, while rendering them powerless.

This is the worst kind of sociopath – one who not only fails to see that what he does is wrong, but hypocritically believes he exists on the highest of high moral plains.

It is tempting to call for the immediate euthanization of this parasite. It’s also tempting to wish some trigger-happy racist cop would find Cosby and choose to make him another victim of racist police violence in America. But, neither of those things are going to happen, and the latter would make him a martyr for other sociopathic assholes.

The best thing we can do now, as a society, is to ruin this guy’s miserable life. He needs to be destroyed, crushed, and annihilated psychologically. Not only as an expression of well-deserved punishing, but to remind others that a civilized, decent society will not tolerate behavior like his.


Bill Cosby Is The Worst Kind Of Sociopath

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