The Clinton political machine has a kaleidoscopic array of dirty tricks in its campaign arsenal.

We know this. We all know this.

It’s pretty much accepted as common knowledge in this country that Bill and Hillary Clinton make Frank and Claire Underwood look like Ben & Jerry.

I did a google search for something like ‘how clinton used racism against obama 2008’ and one of the first results came from what I take to be a fairly middle of the road and generally more trusted than not voice on the progressive left, The Progressive.

The article by Matthew Rothschild from January 27, 2008 is titled “Obama Trounces Clintons’ Racist, Entitled S.C. Campaign.”

I won’t quote it here because I suggest you read it.

Read it twice.

The first electorally viable progressive voting block of my lifetime is trying to elect a man who could be our country’s first Jewish President, and we’re not even talking about Antisemitism.

We should. After all, we’re going to need to talk about it a lot when we face Donald Trump.

Do you think the Clintons have suddenly ‘evolved’ on the issue of using racial and ethnic tensions as a vehicle to stoke the flames of fear and court voters? Of course they haven’t.

These are the same people who circulated photos of Obama dressed as a Somali elder when they were running against him in an appallingly racist attempt to frighten white people.


The only thing that has changed between then and now is that they’ve gotten smarter about hiding their proclivities for capitalizing on bigotry and the progressive movement has fallen asleep at the wheel by not looking for those proclivities.

What sorts of whispers, I wonder, could be floating around, especially on Sundays in those churches Hillary Clinton likes to visit – churches filled with people who were raised on Antisemitic stereotypes in an America that a lot of Donald Trump supporters long for.

Have you overheard any? Let’s open the dialogue.

The corporate media is not going to talk about this for us.

We are the media.

Share and comment below.

Are The Clintons Using Antisemitism To Defeat Bernie Sanders?

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