I started this site in August of 2014 as a way to increase the amount of writing I was doing. Motivation does not always come easy for me, and I lack an innate predisposition for discipline. This site has given me the encouragement I needed to write on a regular basis, and has served as a frame in which I can place some of my work. I feel that in the year that I have had this site, that I’ve truly moved a great deal forward, and it’s been fun doing it. In that spirit, I am proud and excited to announce my new book, Amusing My Selves – Essays & Observations: 2014-2015 This book will be available In Amazon’s Kindle Store before the end of July. It compiles select writings from this site, as well as a few other writings, including my new essay “It’s Not Too Steep To Climb: Why You Should Go Outside, Right Now, And Run Up A Hill” which is a great read for anyone facing a creative block, or just a general lull in the flow of life.

Anyway, thanks for reading. The next year is going to be HUGE! I have a bunch of projects nearing completion, and a bunch which I’m really excited to begin. I am feeling energized and enthusiastic for what the future holds.


Celebrating The Anniversary Of Robcotton.com & Announcing The Release Of My New Book

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