I hesitate to describe my being part of any ‘movement.’

What we’re at the very beginning of now is more of a tectonic shift, with potentially cataclysmic results. And as the plates shift and chaos becomes the order of the day, we need to navigate ourselves safely to better ground.

I was born not long before Ronald Reagan took office as President of the United States. Soon after, policies were enacted and systems created with the calculated intent to commit what has become the single largest cross-generational transfer of wealth from poor to rich in the history of our world.

Whatever you feel about ‘socialism’ or ‘conservatives’ or ‘blablahblahblahblah…’ ad infinitum, let it the hell go.

We’re in the midst of a great mess, and it must be fixed. This aggression will not stand, man.

The great David Bowie once said regarding the internet: “It’s an alien life form. Is there Life on Mars? Yes, it’s just landed here.”

His interlocutor did not take him very seriously, but Bowie, being the visionary, was deadly serious.

The internet has changed our world immeasurably, and without question it has changed political campaigns. The 2016 local, state, and federal elections will be fought and won or lost on the internet.

But here’s the interesting thing: those people who used to control the cultural narratives of our societies, who used previously devised forms of media to brainwash everyone into going along with their bullshit, they do not understand the internet.

No one understands the internet.

So, here’s the basic point I’m trying to make. We no longer have to pay attention to their silly control narratives –

“You’re sexist if you like Bernie,”

“Bernie Sanders is unelectable” (‘unelectable’ – what a wonderful piece of Orwellian speech that is, amirite?)

“There’s no point in trying to change things. it’s too hard”

“the system works. we just need to improve it a little”

“socialism is evil”

These narratives are the death knell of a fading power structure whose emperors’ clothes are starting to fade. They have power because they’ve given themselves power. It doesn’t mean they’ve earned it or that they have some kind of innate claim to it. They are no more intelligent or talented than you are, and they live in a society that is without argue a big mess, and they, collectively, all had a role in that; many actively helped create the problem. They have not earned the intellectual pedestal they claim, whereby they legitimize themselves as the purveyors of some truth that they have to have had acquired only recently, or else they would have used it to find solutions long before.

If you’ve read thus far, just remember one thing:

the fight is yet to begin.


An Important Message Regarding Control Narratives

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