So you oppose abortion, huh? That’s cool. No one is forcing you to have an abortion. That’s the beauty of living in a society where we generally agree that people have the right to bodily autonomy.What’s that? You think your vague notions of ‘morality’ entitle you to take the right of bodily autonomy away from a woman who is pregnant and who no longer wishes to remain pregnant? That’s strange, because just now you were content with the fact that no one was able to force you into having an abortion against your will do to YOUR right to bodily autonomy. Do you not see the obvious cognitive disconnect at play here?

Now, you might be arguing “but that’s a life inside. A baby!” Oh well. Tough shit. That’s the way the world works. For approximately 9 months, potential humans develop inside other humans – humans who have already fully developed into humans. Those fully developed humans may or may not want to have something inside of them for 9 months. It’s their right to make that decision, not yours. Now, you may be saying something along the lines of ‘well, they should have not become pregnant in the first place,’ and you have the right to say that, but you sound like a moron when you do, because it is not your place to decide, after the fact, that the best solution to an unwanted pregnancy currently in progress is to not have become pregnant in the first place. That’s just an inane position to take, especially when a simple medical procedure called abortion exists to rectify such problems.

Oh, what’s that again, you oppose abortion? Oh well, go fuck yourself. Abortion is here to stay. Get over it and don’t get one. Problem solved.

Pro-abortion protesters in Washington

Your Opposition To Abortion Entitles You To Not Have An Abortion (And Not Much Else)

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