I come at you tonight feeling exasperated; just completely out of breath, emotionally deteriorated at the news that some Christian asshole shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic. I mean, when are we going to start seriously looking at the psychic damage religious thought inflicts on the fragile, the troubled, the suggestible, who then go on to carry the religious teachings they’ve been indoctrinated with to their logical conclusions? When are we going to seriously stop and recognize that a system of commands, punishments, and rewards that promise an eternity beyond one’s lived experience is a gross and abusive intoxicant that has poisoned our species for far too long?

Are we ever going to realize this?

A large part of me is starting to fear that we are not.

The reason being that still, this very day, despite the very obvious and identifiable problems religion has caused throughout recorded history, and continues to cause, people still refuse to take off the kid gloves regarding religion for fear of offending people. This attitude will lead us to our demise, and if we’re dumb enough to allow that, then we fucking deserve it.

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Is The Human Species Too Stupid To Exist?

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