I don’t have much planned for this post other than to generally gripe about what I see all around me. So please excuse the general haphazard nature of what follows. The other day I was blocked from posting by Facebook for a week because I insulted some snowflake who insulted me first, though I made the mistake of not being offended enough to report it. I’m glad for the temporary respite from Facebook, which right now is a giant, flaming pile of turds as a result of the 2016 Presidential election, and the resulting fallout from the country having elected Donald Trump.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, but I’m glad he won over the alternative, and I don’t mean Gary Johnson. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, slimy turd of a human being and the sooner she and her ilk are removed from the sphere of influence the better off we will be. The two problems in that assessment are that a) her ‘ilk’ represents a huge segment of the controlling body of society, and b) the other segment in power are not really any better. The sad state of our politics in 2016 is that all the wrong people have control, and this is a result of the nature of control. People enter into politics for power, prestige, influence, and wealth. Some may say they have lofty, inspired dreams of elevating society above its current place, but in essence what they’re doing is envisioning a utopian, self-adulating, delusional future for society and engaging in a political struggle of wills to make that vision a reality. None of them are any more qualified than anyone to decide on a collective vision for all mankind, but they engage in it anyway.

So here we are, in 2016, and where are we really except locked in a dystopian nightmare realm, where anyone and everyone seems to have an ideologically fixed version of what government and society ‘should be’ and will go to great lengths to ensure their version of ‘truth’ is broadcast far and wide. We have the nationalist right, who are sure that all of our problems can be fixed by a reactionary posture toward anything that doesn’t fall in line with a very narrow view of reality, and their mirror image, the social justice left, who are sure that they can regulate language and behavior and inflict their delusional vision for a ‘perfect’ future on to the rest of us. You have the Democratic party, divided by two batshit wings intent upon losing for the foreseeable future – the progressives, who think we can regulate and socially engineer all the problems out of human interaction and social functioning, and the neoliberal corporatists who don’t seem to realize their elitism and out-of-touchness is why they lost the election.

On the right, we have the Trump-obsessed nationalist right-wing, who are just glad their reactionary, go-nowhere vision for the future is in place, and we have the neoconservative establishment, who can be described as mere opportunists with a desire to see the prize of their stocks rise, as they are all basically just patrons and beneficiaries of the military industrial complex with no moral, ethical, or even ideological basis for their versions of truth, aside from a quest for the almighty dollar as the driving force of their egoic quest for power.

The Greens and the rest of the ‘far left’ are batshit insane. They never got past the “I just read the Communist Manifesto” stage of their intellectual developments. And the Libertarians are Republicans who don’t completely suck as human beings. This leaves a whole host of independents who are simply tired of the political process, many of them simply classical liberals, pragmatists, or ethical social conservatives, who just kind of shut up and let all the loudmouths voice their (our) ideas that go nowhere and do nothing.

It’s ‘racist’ to say you want less government when a Democrat is in office. It’s also racist to say you want less government once Trump steps into the oval office. You’re a ‘cuck’ if you have any problem with Trump’s policies, even if your opposition is grounded in a serious concern for authoritarian executive branch overreach, improving the economy, or constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Social and traditional media has programmed us all to have reactionary natures. We don’t think. We react. We faithfully ascribe to one ideological fixity or another, learn the proper code-words, memorize all the proper narratives spun by our ‘side’ and just vomit out our reactive nothingness so as to perpetuate the vacuity of our collective visions. Pragmatism? Fuck that. Logic, sense, no way. Just faithfully vomit out the phraseology of your groupthink.


The Dismal State Of Our Society In 2016

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