I’m not going to flower this one up at all for you. There is a conspiracy underway between the Clintons and their crime syndicate, which has always at least partially included billionaire entertainer and small-time crook Donald Trump. Basically, it is a roided up version of their 1992 campaign sham involving Ross Perot – find a puppet to dangle in front of enough people to hurt your competitors. This time, they wanted to steal the Republican side of things to free themselves up for an essentially uncontested election (contested only in show).

And who better to pick for this job than a reality TV star/village idiot with a public persona of entertaining angry outbursts and meaningless catch phrases?

Donald Trump.

The interesting thing is that Hillary, who has chosen a right-facing arrow, has already expressed a move to the right in her symbology. This is because in a general involving Donald Trump, he will be painted as the left-authoritarian candidate – a Putin, or worse. It’s already begun. Meanwhile, Hillary is an extreme-right corporatist, and most of all a self-interested criminal. She will appeal to the right-wing as the ‘sane one’ and they won’t really have a viable alternative.

Anyone who supports Hillary Clinton, furthermore referred to by me only as $Hill->, is contributing directly to this madness, which is of society-ending, catastrophic consequence.

If their plan backfires, and the $Hill-> employee Trump gets elected, odds are better than $Hill-> herself being elected, as it will lead to a certain element of chaos that can be capitalized upon by those in pursuit of revolutionary change.

The goal is still to get Sanders elected, but we must also focus on the need for more serious measures if driven to that point.


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