It’s basically a joke at this point if you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter to point out that you’ve had Facebook posts deleted, been banned from groups, and have even had your ability to post in groups taken away due to excessive reporting on the part of the Clinton campaign and its rabid drove of supporters.

Their method is to infiltrate some of the more popular Bernie Sanders groups with fake pro-Bernie accounts. They allow the dominant opposition narratives to flourish, the ones the corporate media actually reports, but they always get a little weird when you start bringing up the darker underbelly of the Clintons.

The objective is to silence the young users of social media who have been and are continuing in even greater force to deliver hard truths about who the Clintons are and what they represent.

When I first posted “Hillary Clinton’s Defense Of A Child Rapist Is Not About ‘Doing Her Job’ – It’s About Her Character” and started sharing it on social media, I expected a little pushback. Soon after posting and seeing it start to proliferate via shares from people in my groups, I started getting some vicious $Hill troll attacks. Nothing I couldn’t handle; I generally dropped some logic on them and bounced, as usual.

However, within an evening, once the total hits on the link reached about 1000, my facebook account had been blocked from posting in groups; even the one I started (which you should find and join but you’ll have to look for it – won’t post a link here).

I gave myself the rest of the evening off social media and worked on some blog ideas and made some new memes. The next day I created an alternate account and I noticed something suspicious when I began posting memes of the more devastating variety. A very generic looking ‘pro-bernie’ account that was newly created was following me around with generic ‘awesome’ type comments. Very strange. I explored the account and it was obviously a complete fake. On each comment, shortly thereafter a random ‘bernie supporter’ would show up with some negative comment about my post being ‘not what bernie would say’ or some tone policing garbage like that.

So I blocked all of them, and you should too.

If anyone tries to tell you NOT to be angry, or that what you’re posting is ‘bad’ for any reason, tell them to fuck off and block them. The fun part is that they won’t be able to see your comment but it will still be there for everyone else to see. That’s how it works. So lay a brutal meme on them to rebuke their point, or just point out the stupidity of what they’re saying, then block and move on.

There is no reason to engage these trolls in debate. It’s a ploy designed to drain our energy and to weaken our resolve. The corporate media control narratives they’re used to being able to force feed us are losing their grip on our collective consciousness.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride into the future, but we have the force of history on our side.

“The fundamental problem of political philosophy is still precisely the one that Spinoza saw so clearly (and that Wilhelm Reich rediscovered): Why do men fight for their servitude as stubbornly as though it were their salvation?”

Gilles Deleuze, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia


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