I was watching an NBC news stream and they were showing videos of flooding in South Carolina. It made me think of the drought in California. Flood vs. drought. Which is worse?

I’d have to say floods, at least in this case, but probably not always. On the one hand, with floods, all your shit is destroyed in water, and the aftermath is a muddy, disgusting mess; but at least with floods they last a short amount of time. Droughts can fuck your shit up for a long time in a real serious way.

Floods are scarier in a visceral sense, though, because their chaos is happening before our eyes with torrential rains and rapids of overflowing streams surreptitioning through streets of small towns and cities leaving destruction in their wake.

Droughts require more long term, studied and observed thinking; which is sorely lacking in society.

Big picture; little picture.

Too much vs. too little. If we even have to ask, should we even be asking?

The cow jumped over the moon.

The dish
ran away
the spoon.


I have sitting in front of me a cd I bought in Denver – Arthur Doyle, Edward Perraud, Dan Warburton: The Basement Tapes. I recently found it among some papers I stored away. I bought it about 2 and a half years ago and haven’t listened to it since. I forget what it sounds like, but I can distinctly recall the feeling of listening to it in my car as I drove in and around Denver or sometimes just sat and got high.

This song is called “Delusion Moon.” That title is the best thing about it, but only because that’s a fucking amazingly great title. The song is good too. So, go ahead and listen to it. Kind of has a Wipers vibe in some kind of way to me.

Phoning One In

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