Hillary Clinton yesterday lamented that she ‘feels sorry‘ for ‘young people’ who ‘don’t do their own research’ regarding her record. She made these comments regarding recent questions concerning her being the beneficiary of money from fossil fuel companies, something she denies on a technicality, but is fundamentally true despite her being able to talk her way out of culpability to an unquestioning corporate press who are in her corner to begin with and don’t want to press her any further than what is necessary to continue draping the thin veil of legitimacy that rests upon the circus sideshow that is the election coverage provided to us by the establishment media.

The self-satisfying condescension in Clinton’s remarks doesn’t really require my explication. I’m sure each and every one of you reading this do not need me to elaborate on what a smug bitch Clinton is for having said what she said about us. And we all saw her flip out at Greenpeace activist Eva Resnick-Day on video the other day, so we know she has disdain for anyone who dares bring up anything that doesn’t fall in line with the official Clinton narrative.

No, I’m not going to spend another 300 words on Clinton’s failings as a human being in this or any other regard. There will be plenty of time for that in future posts. Instead, I’m going to briefly give a very incomplete narrative of the research that she alleges I ‘don’t do.’

For congruity’s sake, I’m going to start it around the time that I first became aware of Bill and Hillary Clinton. This was probably around ’91 or ’92 and incidentally, it was around the time that I started getting into punk rock.

The political side of punk rock is what led me to the writings of a guy named Noam Chomsky. By the early 90’s Chomsky quotes, pamphlets, and songs featuring his audio clips were common fixtures in the punk scene. Being drawn to radical politics I soon found a book called The Prosperous Few And The Restless Many which was a collection of 3 short Chomsky interviews with David Barsamian. It’s not essential Chomsky, in retrospect, but it was a real eye opener for me at a young age. First of all, the title is great and it alone pretty much planted a seed in my mind before I even opened to the first page. Inside the pages I was exposed to a new kind of truth – researched, informed, well-articulated truth that countered the lies of the corporate media and painted quite a different view of the way our government conducts its affairs than I was given by the corporate media or in school. It was like stepping outside of the cave.

Before long I was seeking out radical media and trying to get as much info as I could about world events at the library back before the internet was as pervasive as it is now. So, while Bill and Hillary Clinton were spinning yarns about the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy‘ that was out to get them, I was doing ‘my own research’ and learning the truth about what they represent, which was essentially the same warmongering, oligarchic ideology and practice as the Republicans they claimed to oppose.

I was seeing through the bullshit – and it didn’t stop at current events. I decided to read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States and in those pages I learned a great deal about the real history of the United States and how the people in power have always conspired to make sure that the underclasses would not rise up and claim the democratic ideals given lip service by the oligarchs who founded the country but never intended to be put into practice. I saw parallels between people then and I see them now.

I was no longer a slave to the empty Manichaean worldview of ‘Democrrats vs. Republicans’ which we are told via dominant control narratives somehow encapsulates the entire breadth of the political spectrum, when in fact both parties are pro-corporate takeover, pro-war, pro-neoliberal regime change, and are essentially political puppets being dangled in front of us by business interests.

The funny thing is, I think I understand Hillary Clinton better than she understands herself because of the research I’ve done not only into her, but into the entire structural failings of our society. As Matt Taibbi so nicely put in his recent piece in Rolling Stone countering his out-of-touch boss’s endorsement of Clinton, she is “so profoundly a part of the problem that she can’t even see it anymore.”

And the thing is that I do see it, and so do the millions of other ‘young people’ and also the ‘not-so-young people’ she derides by her comments. We see that she is part of a fundamental problem with our country that we MUST begin to solve and she is not a part of that solution. How could she possibly see something so completely at odds with her essential worldview, which is one in which her own power and furthermore her RIGHT to that power is central?

I sometimes feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. I see her as a tragic figure in a variety of ways. She is so completely out of touch and lost in her own reality that when reality comes smacking her across the face I think it probably stings a fair amount more than it does for the rest of us who have to confront the harsh reality of our society each and every day.

The pity subsides however when I confront the truth of who she is. While there is certainly a tragic reality to her existence, the pain she has caused to others far exceeds the pain she has endured herself. And while the degree of her sociopathy is not known to me, I am certain that she feels not a shred of remorse for all she has done and instead likely sees it as one of her many self-described virtues, using that doublespeak on herself that she uses to convince her followers that reality is something other than the plain and obvious truth.


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