My head has been a bit lost lately. I have not been writing as much as I should, especially on WallStreetShill.com, and I have become thoroughly and increasingly disgusted by the fact that my city (San Francisco) is deteriorating, becoming little more than a playground for the rich and a criminal enterprise for the extremely wealthy and powerful. Add to that the selfish techie elites, psychotic drivers with no concern for human life, the fact that there are empty houses all over and new luxury condos being built on seemingly every corner for more wealthy parasites while poor people sleep on the streets en masse, and it’s just been really getting to me. Oh, and I lost my job and the primary election is being blatantly stolen from my preferred candidate.

I mean, even an ubermensch has his breaking point…

So I took the advice of a friend and went to the beach – Baker Beach to be exact. And yeah, I like to go all the way out to the nudie area. Plenty of fellow nudes were there on this unusually hot spring day in San Francisco, but as I sat in my camping chair and looked around, a thought came to me.

I must be the only person in the world who would go to a nude beach, strip down, and read some Nietzsche. It just simply does not strike me as a typical combination of things.

And it made me laugh to myself, and I really needed a good laugh today.

Called a star’s orbit to pursue,
What is the darkness, star, to you?

Roll on in bliss, traverse this age-
Its misery far from you and strange.

Let farthest world your light secure.
Pity is sin you must abjure.

But one command is yours: be pure!

– Friedrich Nietzsche – “Star Morals” – The Gay Science


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I Must Be The Only Weirdo Who Would Go To A Nude Beach And Read Nietzsche

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