Hillary Clinton spent a fair amount of time at the Florida debate ranting about the Republicans. She even managed to blame Bush, as if anyone in the entire Goddamned country aside from her faithfully devoted really wants to hear someone blame Bush for anything for the 99 zillionth time.

The truth is, Hillary should be blaming herself, and her husband, and the Democratic AND Republican Parties, and the entire power structure that has been erected in this country based on that most vile of vile ideologies:


Neoliberalism, to put it most simply, is a fascist ideology. It is a dangerous combination of corporate and state power that not only destabilizes markets, but justifies violence in the interests of imperial campaigns of ‘regime change’ against governments that do not cooperate with economic policies that favor the corporations whose tentacles seek to rape and pillage peoples wherever and whenever they choose.

My descriptive term for the oligarchy’s underlying ideology is Neoliberal Corporate-Statism. That is what we are dealing with – a vast and destructive merger of the state and the corporate powers in the interest of furthering a Neoliberal agenda and conquering the world. In the process of conquering the world, the goal is to turn American society into a corporate controlled police state under constant duress due to wealth inequality.

This is what we are fighting.

We not only can win, but we must win.

The very survival of our species is at stake.


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