It’s really strange to see people spend all day attacking the character of Donald Trump suddenly switch gears to defend their Queen, Hillary “$Hill” Clinton when her character comes under scrutiny.

When I first posted the meme below to the Bernie Believers group on Facebook, as well as to other groups, I did not know how many people it would reach, but by my admittedly raw calculations it has been seen by well over a million people at this point. When I follow the shares, there are countless people responding with demands for ‘proof’, which is readily available. I have seen a dozen or so fence-sitters once and for all turn to the side of history and pledge support for Sanders.

Some, however, I have seen reply something along the lines of: “Well, that was her job.”

Yeah, it was her job. No shit, Sherlock. That’s not the point.

The point lies within the circumstances leading up to her doing her job and the statements made, on tape, about her doing this particular job years later.

The facts:

1. Hillary was not a mere public defender assigned to the case of a poor man who needed public defense. She was doing a favor for Mahlon Gibson, her friend and fellow lawyer who was trying to help out the accused, who had requested ‘a female lawyer.’ No other women attorneys in the area were willing to sink so low, but Clinton saw it as a great opportunity to further her career.

2. During the trial, Clinton was brutal in her attack on the victim, painting her as emotionally unstable and intentionally out trying to lure older men. This is vile and disgusting. She did not need to go to these depths in the witness stand questioning of a 12 year old victim who had just revived from a coma induced by the brutal assault of Hillary’s defendant.

3. The tape recorded below is Hillary’s statement to an Arkansas reporter in the 80’s about the case. Listen to the cold, calculated explanation of events and the admission that the case is ‘why she stopped trusting polygraphs’since the rapist passed one, which made her chuckle

We’re not concerned with whether or not she did her job. All of us appreciate the role of defense attorneys in our criminal justice system.

Our problem is in her character.

She took the case, which was the defense of a reprehensible man, simply to further her career.

She laughed about it later.

Hillary Clinton laughed about a case involving the rape of a 12 year old girl.

Hillary Clinton laughed about a case involving the rape of a 12 year old girl.

Hillary Clinton laughed about a case involving the rape of a 12 year old girl.

That is who she is.

That is not ‘bashing’

That is not an ‘attack’

This is not a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ or a dirty trick from the ‘tea party of the left’

This is Hillary ‘$Hill’ Clinton in all her evil, opportunistic, sociopathic glory.

If you support her, you have to live with this.

Can you live with this?


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