1. We Are Smarter

Look at the states that voted so far and who they voted for. Bernie wins or ties in states with high levels of education, Hillary dominates in places like Alabama. Nice job, Hillary, you’ve cornered the yokel vote. Your role as president of the confederacy suits your racist, warmongering record perfectly.


2. We’re More Enthusiastic

A Sanders rally is an exciting event filled with people from all walks of life and all ages who want to see a profound change in our system. A Clinton rally might as well be a Canasta tournament. Even Hillary’s people aren’t excited about her. When is the last time you saw a great pro-$Hillary meme? I’ll help: you have never seen a good pro-$Hill meme. Her people wouldn’t know a meme if Wolf Blitzer reached out from the TV and gave them one.

3. We’re Better Looking

Exhibit ‘A’


4. We Don’t Support A Republican

Let’s face it, the $Hill is a Democrat in name only. Her interventionist war hawking would make Dick Cheney blush. She doesn’t care about progressive values – once a Goldwater conservative, always a Goldwater conservative. $Hillary is a corporate pig who cares only about the power and wealth of the Clinton Criminal Syndicate (CCS).


5. We Want To Live In A Better Country, And We Have The Guts To Change It


Clinton supporters come in two types: the elitists, such as politicians, corporate media, and the business elite, who want the $Hill to be elected to further their own interests, and the miscellaneous types who have a variety of emotional and typically pathetic reasons for supporting the $Hill. Whether it’s because she’s a woman, the wife of ‘the first black president’ (whatever that delusion means), or for some other weird and specious reason that most have a hard time formulating coherently, there simply is not a valid reason for anyone to support her, and thankfully more and more people are seeing that each day.


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