Those of us who choose not to talk about $hill in a polite manner receive a fair share of unrequested and unwelcome ‘advice’ from more middle-of-the-road types who seem to think they can demand that we refrain from using harsh words about poor little Hillary, or not refer to her with insulting names such as $hill, which essentially describes accurately who she is as a human being and everything she represents. It’s not uncommon to hear “that’s not what Bernie would want” as though these people somehow have a direct channel of communication to the man’s mind. It’s also not uncommon for these types of people to use a condescending tone, pretending that they stand upon some high perch of wisdom from which they can see not only the folly of our behavior, but a clear path to victory for the progressive movement at large.

Sorry, but I’m not buying what they’re selling.

Hillary Clinton is criminal scum. She is a corporatist, an imperialist, a war hawk, and a disingenuous salesperson of something that does not belong to her but which she works hard to steal for herself and her rich employers: the future of this country.

In that respect, I am not going to be polite when I talk about her. She does not deserve civility. She deserves a lot worse than to be called some insulting names or to have her record described using harsh rhetoric.

She truly deserves far, far worse.

Revolutions are not won by being polite towards the enemy. The pic below is from the French Revolution. Like the people who made this piece of propaganda, I live in a country in dire need of a complete overhaul. They were not polite about it, so tell me why should I listen to the advice of people who have not succeeded in revolution telling me I need to be polite when there is evidence that those who have succeeded engaged in the opposite behavior?


The nomination of Hillary Clinton would be an act of war by an oligarchy that has been conducting class war on my people since before I was born. If you think war is best met with polite discourse and smiles, get ready to fail.

I am here to take what is mine.

So fuck the $Hill, and if you don’t like my tone, then fuck you too, because I’m fired up, and I’m here to fight, not to play games.



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