Bill Clinton is a vile, arrogant, disgusting subspecies of human life. The fact that his arrogance enabled him to blatantly violate campaign laws at Massachusetts polling stations would be surprising coming from almost anyone else, but this is the guy who used his great power to essentially rape a young intern in OUR WHITE HOUSE, subsequently looking us all in the face and blatantly lying to us about it.

He lied to all of us.

When Bill Clinton spit in the face of the laws of the state of Massachusetts by showing up to campaign at active voting stations, he was doing nothing more than waving his dick around in a sociopathic display of power; and when a former President would stoop so low as to callously infringe upon the RIGHT of citizens to vote unencumbered by the burden of campaigning, especially such high level campaigning as the appearance of an ex-President, then that former President was essentially slapping us all in our faces with his disgusting junk – every last man, woman, and child in the country.

That’s how Bill Clinton sees us – as mere objects at which he can thrust his penis, or its occasional stand-in, power. That is how his despicable wife sees us too. That is how the entire DNC, including that reprehensible corporate witch Debbie Whatsername-Shitface sees us. That is how the entire corporate establishment sees us – as nothing.

It is time to destroy these depraved creatures, before they succeed in destroying us.



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When Bill Broke Election Law in Mass, He Was Slapping His Dick Across The Face Of Every American Man, Woman, And Child

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