Allah ta this, Allah ta that:

Hey, over there, the confines of reality;
the plastic joke of learning;
the old hangover remedy
handed down
from father to
son, amen.

I think it all came undone
that day last week
when we parted the Red Sea
and drank some wine.
We had our fun,
and now it’s time to grow up.

Flies enthusiastically circle around the pile of worthless shit that is the collected religious teachings of mankind,
which have fallen from a bloated and decaying corpse,
that in this allegory,
I will say represents your god, their god, any god.

the flies…
buzzing, buzzziing, buzzzzzzing.

Fuck off!
I hate these flies. I hate this shit.

Let’s clean this mess up,
grab something to eat,

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Allah ta this, Allah ta that (Poem)

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