Sometimes when a nation faces an extreme problem, extreme measures must be taken to deal with that problem.

I come to you today with a measure that some may see as extreme, but I see as totally necessary.

I have not taken the task of arriving at this solution lightly.

The supporters of Donald Trump are quickly descending into a state of mass hysteria. Their anger, harnessed and encouraged by their leader, Donald Trump, is culminating in a situation that we can no longer abide. A mass of people in the throes of untreatable mental illness, when they turn violent, can no longer be allowed to roam free in a good society.

My modest proposal is to round up Trump supporters and concentrate them in Trump camps, around which we can build unscalable, impenetrable walls out of which they will not be able to escape.

It is important, as well, that we mark them with tattoos to make sure they are easily identifiable, because while they are different from us, some of them actual do resemble good, decent, normal human beings.

The tattoos are necessary, as should one or more manage to escape the camps we must not and will not allow them to reintegrate into normal society. Once spotted outside a camp, these Trump supporters will be considered hostile and will be moved into one of our ‘gassing camps’ where we will integrate a small amount of nerve gas into the air, just enough to make them docile.

Don’t worry, this is best for them and the country. We’re not going to kill them or anything. You can trust us, I promise.

Sometimes when a group of people become a problem, the only measure we can take is to deny them their basic rights as human beings and deal with them accordingly. Donald Trump himself would greatly agree with this statement based on some of his statements on Muslims and immigrants, though he might not see how it applies to his supporters.

As for Trump, well we have plans for Donald Trump.

We’ll keep that as a surprise for now.

But I assure you, once our final solution is applied, peace will reign and we will make America great again, as the purity of the homeland will have finally been restored.

“An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation, We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.”

– Adolf Hitler


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