1. Teleology – A revolution is not a state of being, but one of constant becoming. The ideal mode of existence is to be forever engaged in a perpetual state of revolution that is constantly moving humanity forward. The moment President Sanders is sworn into office, the revolution will have only just begun. We must not be allured by complacence into the error of thought that has plagued so many who have tried before us.

2. Weariness – Often during a revolution the weight is so great, and the challenge so immense, that people grow weary and spiritually defeated. The revolution must carry with it the full force of history if it is to succeed. At every step of the way we must believe that not only are we going to succeed, but that success is our destiny.

3. In-fighting – Revolutions are a time for great anger. Sometimes, someone who is your ally will step on your toes a little. For example, black people have not only a right but a responsibility to be angry at the racist power structures in this country, as they are a tool used to destroy their lives, families, and communities. If you are white and a black person says something that bothers you, take a deep breath and just listen for a moment to what they’re saying.

If a younger person says something that makes you feel uncomfortable or causes you to take offense, smile and nod and understand that this is the anger that will get this necessary job done. You don’t have to fight every time you experience a small perceived slight. They have every right to be angry with you for the world in which we live. You don’t have to defend your past. Just do the right thing now.

Anger is a gift. You should accept it and say thanks.

4. Fear – This is not going to be easy. Fear is a necessary part of life. It is a teacher and a guide. The problem is not in feeling fear, but in succumbing to fear. Use your fear as a tool, not as a call to retreat.

5. Apathy – More revolutions have been doomed by apathy than anything else. Success is an intoxicating poison. Celebration is key to success, but excessive celebration in the midst of a fight is going to get you killed. When President Sanders is elected, we will celebrate for a moment, but then we will get back to work.

We carry with us the blades of truth and we will wield them using the force of history. When the truth is hurting them most, we will twist and twist and keep twisting those blades until the once animate body of the oligarchy is still and lifeless and no longer able to inflict its harm upon us.

There will be blood.


5 Mistakes That Doom Revolutions

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