My name is Rob Cotton.

I am a nomadic scribe with a heart of serpentine and tiger eye. When I’m not busy writing for Twist The Knife, A Thousand Plateaus, Inquisitr, and other media outlets, I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and wandering the galaxy (Earth only, for now). A curious person by nature, and a self-styled ‘pop philosopher,’ I am eager to write on a wide range of topics and I am available for consultations on all matters blogging-related, including search engine optimization, WordPress, and content development.

As the owner of a somewhat successful beard oil company, Socrates Beard Oil, I am also happy to offer consultations on branding, social media marketing, and social media management. In just six months I managed to sell a little over 500 units of Socrates Beard Oil to customers I reached simply by creating interesting content links and well-designed Facebook posts to market the product. Perhaps I can help create similar results for your product or brand.

I am always happy to provide some free life advice if you send me a message and ask nicely. I study philosophy and while I can’t call myself a sage, I may just be able to offer you a unique perspective to shine a light on a problem or concern. Tarot card readings are available for a small donation, and if we ever meet and I have my guitar with me, I will gladly play you a Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan song for the small cost of a few minutes spent listening. My “Visions of Johanna” is highly recommended. I even have all the words memorized.

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